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Fire Scene Evidence Collection Guide


This section details how to properly locate, document, collect, label, package, store, and preserve impressions evidence during fire scene evidence collection and for subsequent use in testing or legal proceedings. Impressions evidence falls into two categories: known exemplars, like footwear and tires, and unknown 2D and 3D impressions. The collection procedure for known items depends on what the item is. Key factors in determining which fire scene evidence collection procedure should be used for 2D or 3D impressions depends on how the print was made and what surface it was made on. The proper procedure must be used carefully to avoid damaging or destroying the print before successful collection. Follow the procedures in this section to implement impressions and fire scene evidence collection best practices. If you are unsure which fire scene evidence collection procedure to use for impressions evidence or do not have sufficient experience to execute the procedure, consult your laboratory prior to collection.


Select a type of evidence to review its collection and packaging procedures.

Remember to also review the Checklists prior to collection and prior to releasing the scene.

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